Friday, January 14, 2011

How to overcome procrastination

The solution to overcoming procrastination requires only a few minutes.  Ironically, though, the first step requires starting a task that has been put off in the first place.  Once a job has been started with just a few minutes work the mind becomes anxious and will refuse to rest until the job has been finished, therefore setting in place the motivation to complete the task.

Think of how this could be applied to something such as homework.  Rather than simply setting homework, give students time in class to start assignments.  This will enable tasks to be clarified, either by the teacher or a supportive classmate.  So often things aren't done because they appear too hard, or overwhelming in terms of the size of what is required to be done.  These factors will be overcome through a dedicated time to get underway with tasks that have traditionally caused students to procrastinate.

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