Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

I have long been an advocate of cloud computing.  I strongly believe that it is the way of the future for schools, with the benefits for schools in terms of collaboration, administration and reduced financial costs being considerable.

For an overview on cloud computing fundamentals, read this excellent article from Grace Walker, an ICT consultant from Chicago in the United States. 

Three benefits that are highlighted in the article are (which, from my own experience, I fully agree with):

  • Reduced cost: Cloud computing can reduce both capital expense (CapEx) and operating expense (OpEx) costs because resources are only acquired when needed and are only paid for when used.
  • Refined usage of personnel: Using cloud computing frees valuable personnel allowing them to focus on delivering value rather than maintaining hardware and software.
  • Robust scalability: Cloud computing allows for immediate scaling, either up or down, at any time without long-term commitment.

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