Sunday, August 21, 2011

A web presence for your school

I read an article in the newspaper today about the need for businesses to have a website to maximize on the potential of the company.  I believe that the same applies to a school, for which a web presence can do the following:
  • Promote the success of students
  • Share examples of work done by students
  • Share news about the school
  • Post photos and video for the school, and wider, community to see
  • Provide links to any media publications about the school
  • Post newsletters on line
  • Share useful websites for students and parents
  • Share a calendar of upcoming events
  • Provide information on people associated with the school; e.g. staff, BOT, PTA, student leaders
  • Provide information on the direction of the school through posting the Charter and Strategic Plan on the site.
The problem many schools have is getting started, and once started, keeping their web presence up to date.  To make a start, I suggest the following four means to establish your web presence.  Each method is used by my own school, Lakeview School (clicking gon the link will take you to the Lakeview example of the application).

Google Sites

Two things that I really like about the four examples I have provided are the cost (they're free!), and the ease of use (I am no computer whiz, yet I have set all of the applications up myself). 

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