Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Physical activity can boost student performance

There are so many programmes that are available to teachers and educators that boast of being able to boost student achievement.  Most of these are unproven and soon disappear as their lack of worth becomes obvious. 

However, there is one strategy that time and again is proven to enhance student learning and engagement in schools, yet is often cut from classroom programmes to allow more time for the key areas of numeracy and literacy.  This proven method is exercise and physical fitness. 

This article is one more example of research that highlights the benefits of physical activity to boost academic performance.  It starts:

'Going to PE class and recess can be a win-win situation for students.

Physical activity improves kids' fitness and lowers their risk of obesity. And now a government review of research shows that kids who take breaks from their class work to be physically active during the school day are often better able to concentrate on their school work and may do better on standardized tests'.

To read the full article, click here.

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