Friday, August 12, 2011

Brain Rule 6 - How to enhance your long term memory

These ideas from John Medina would certainly be worth trying out in a classroom as a means of having students retain what is taught to them, boosting their long term memory:

  1. Lessons are delivered in 25 minute bursts, with the content repeated three times a day with 90 minutes intervals between sessions covering the same content.
  2. Every three or four days would be review days in which the content covered in the previous 72-96 hours would be revisited and reviewed.
  3. Critical pieces of information are reviewed on a yearly or bi yearly basis.  The example that Medina gives is the reviewing of the multiplication tables, fractions and decimals.  As competencies increase in sophistication the review content is changed to reflect greater understanding.

These strategies will lead to long term memory being more reliable through incorporating new information gradually, then repeating it in timed intervals.

To find out more about Brain Rule 6 in John Medina's wonderful book 'Brain Rules', click here.

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