Monday, December 5, 2011

Schools in cyberspace

This article from today's New Zealand Herald looks at using the Internet and computers in general to support children's learning.  Many interesting points are raised.  Here are a couple that caught my attention:

Point 1
Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs also recounts Jobs telling US President Barack Obama that education was hopelessly antiquated and crippled by union work rules. "It was absurd," he added, "that American classrooms were still based on teachers standing at a board and using textbooks. All books, learning materials, and assessments should be digital and interactive, tailored to each student and providing feedback in real time." 

Point 2
Challenging as the idea sounds, it highlights another problem. Generally, greater use of computers hasn't shown significant improvements in science, maths or reading scores - a conundrum calling into question the whole idea of giving schools technological upgrades. 

Thought provoking stuff?  I think so.

To read the article in full, click here.

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