Monday, December 19, 2011

20 life lessons from Steve Jobs

If these life lessons worked for Steve Jobs, surely they're going to be beneficial to those of us in the education sector.  You can find out more about each lesson by clicking here to read Lance Ulanoff's excellent article.

  1. Don’t Wait
  2. Make Your Own Reality
  3. Control Everything You Can
  4. Own Your Mistakes
  5. Know Yourself
  6. Leave the Door Open for the Fantastic
  7. Don’t Hold Back
  8. Surround Yourself with Brilliance
  9. Build a Team of A Players
  10. Be Yourself
  11. Be Persuasive
  12. Show Others the Way
  13. Trust Your Instincts
  14. Take Risks
  15. Follow Great with Great
  16. Make Tough Decisions
  17. Presentation Can Make a World of Difference
  18. Find a Way to Balance Your Intensity
  19. Live for Today
  20. Share Your Wisdom

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