Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google Docs v Apple iWork in the Cloud

Last night I watched the latest Apple Keynote, paying particular interest in the iCloud in relation to the productivity tools: Pages; Number; and Keynote.  I wanted to compare them to the Google Docs equivilents: Document; Presentation; and Spreadsheet.

There is no denying that iWork is superior to Docs in terms of the bells and whistle, the quality of what can be created from a visual perspective.  However, I was disappointed to see that the iWork cloud doesn't make your work everywhere on any device, or even any Apple device.  Accessibility is limited to the Apple devices that are owned by the creator of the documents.  Yon can leave your MacBook at home, but you do need your own iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or MacBook with you to access work.

With Google Docs work is available on any device with an Internet connection.  Students could be working on the iMac at school, then go to the local library to work on the same document on the old library desktop PC.

Where Apple certainly has the edge is when there is no Internet access.  On an Apple device you can work offline on a document, which will then sync with the cloud when Internet access is available, updating the document on all of your own Apple devices. 

Regarding the latest Apple Keynote, overall I found it fascinating.  Lion, IOS5 and the iCloud look like awesome, game-breaking products!


  1. I hope that I can work on a document on my laptop, and edit it on my iPhone or iPad. Then simply open it again on my laptop and continue editing. I've upgraded to Lion and now await IOS 5. Hope it all works great!

  2. Hi Studio 136. Yes, you will be able to do all of this with your Apple devices. Enjoy!