Monday, June 6, 2011

The consistency of Google Docs

Last week we had a visitor at school taking our students for a digital camera focus (pun not intended) day to introduce them to a range of photography skills.  All of the students involved had a fantastic time; those in my own class gave the day ten out of ten. 

I had the pleasure of sitting next to the photography teacher during morning tea and the conversation pretty quickly moved on to ICT, and eventually which platform was better, PC or Apple.  Our visitor had a strong preference for Apple, with one of the main reasons being that when he goes to an Apple school he knows exactly what he will be getting in terms of what the computers can and can't do; there is a real consistency.

This made me think about the benefits of using Google Docs.  No matter where you are or what platform you are using, the interface and features will be the same. 

Recently I had a Office 2010 installed on my work laptop.  Although I am sure that there are many great features to this programme, it can also be extremely frustrating.  For example, today I was trying to put an arrow on a document.  In the past this has been a very simple process, but today I simply couldn't work out how to do it.  The consistency that I would like to see between the old version of Office and the new version simply isn't always there.

The beauty of Google Docs is that there is only the one version, this being the one that is online in the cloud waiting for more people to be liberated from the constraints of Microsoft Office to sign up to.

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