Saturday, May 21, 2011

Serenity Parenting - we may as well just give up trying!

I read an article in The Dominion Post today titled 'Why parents should just learn to relax'.  The gist of the article is that parents who strive to give students every opportunity; sports, music lessons, tutoring, are really just wasting their time.  It's not the effort that goes into raising children that matters, it's the genes that they are born with. 

The article is based on the ideas of Bryan Caplan, who believes that nature rules over nurture.  I am strongly in the other camp; nuture over nature.  My experiences as a teacher overwhelmingly demonstrate that children from any culture or background who are exposed to a wide range of experiences and opportuunities are more successful, content and happier.

I have found another version of the article in the UK Guardian newspaper (which doesn't charge and online subscription for content).  Click here to check it out.

While you are reading the article, I'll be driving my daughters to ballet, helping with homework or French lessons, or taking them to Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand, and I'm quite sure that we're all going to enjoy the experience!

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