Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to make science more interesting

When I did science at school I found it to be the most boring of all subjects.  Whereas it should be an opportunity to do practical experiments, it invariably became a case of balancing scientific equations as written paper exercises.  No wonder that, apparently, the number of science graduates is plummeting.

Even in primary schools science seems to be having a reduced role.  The science fair in the province that I am living in now happens only every two years.  Most schools, including my own, only offer the science fair to selected students, meaning that a vast majority have a limited opportunity to take part in a subject that is key to producing the innovative citizens who will lead to our societies dealing with the many dilemmas and problems that our communities are sure to encounter over the upcoming decades.

Perhaps we need to look at ways in which we can make science a far more appealing and exciting subject.  One such approach is taking place in the United Kingdom.  To find out about what is happening in the UK, click here to read an article in the education section of the Sunday Times.

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