Friday, October 15, 2010

A Focus on Pedogagy

There are three major parts that make up education, these being: the curriculum (what we learn); assessment (how well we do at learning); and pedagogy (what The Oxford Dictionary describes as 'The science of teaching').  It seems to me that the focus in education always seems to be on both curriculum and assessment, with pedagogy being the poor cousin.

A suitable analogy for this would be the manager of a football team focusing only on the rules of the game and the results, while paying little attention to coaching players to actually play the game.  It's time that we started to focus on the best ways in which to get our children to learn through an emphasis on improving teacher practice.

I really like Sir Ken Robinson's (yes, him again!) comment from his book The Element:

'There isn't a great school anywhere that doesn't have great teachers working in it.  But there are plenty of poor schools with shelves of curriculum standards and reams of standardised tests'.

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