Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools

This is a worthwhile checklist for any school leader. Are they being implemented at your school? Certainly something worth thinking about. Click here to read about one school's journey with the process of implementing the characteristics.

The Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools:
  1. clear and shared focus;
  2. high standards and expectations;
  3. effective school leadership;
  4. supportive learning environment;
  5. high levels of community and parent involvement;
  6. high levels of collaboration and communication;
  7. frequent monitoring of teaching and learning;
  8. curriculum, instruction and assessment aligned with standards;
  9. focused professional development. 
Clearly there is no silver bullet; but through hard work and dedication, the rewards will follow.

1 comment:

  1. The first point is an important one for us here at DPS. Having a shared vision that is truly shared by all staff, gives us a great guide. It lets us look at our ultimate 'end-point', and ensures we don't stray from that path - protecting us from all the edu fads that come along.
    Would be an interesting exercise to unpack those points with staff at school. What do 'high standards and expectations' look like at our schools? What are the criteria for us to work to? Doing that would be very eye-opening, challenging, but pretty powerful.
    Keep up the posts Tim...they are good reading