Monday, April 14, 2014

Slow Parenting

I love pod casts!  They're a great way to get quality information on just about anything.  I listen to them when I'm out running, at the gym, walking my dog, hanging out the washing ... pretty much anytime when I'm on my own and doing something that doesn't require too much thinking (and I want to think about something!).

A recent pod cast I've come across is The Wellness Family.  Plenty of great advice on what it takes to raise a family and be a great parent.  The first in the series really made me think about some of the hyper-parenting that I do with my own two daughters!  The blurb for the pod cast is:

'Hyper-parenting…it involves over-scheduling our kids, buying them lots of stuff, and wanting them to be more genius than everyone else in the class. Too much pressure? Yes…both for our kids and ourselves. The alternative is slow parenting. It doesn’t involve doing everything at a snail’s pace. Instead, it’s about listening to our instincts, making our own choices, and celebrating family life. You’ll take away so many lovely ideas from my chat with guru of the slow movement, Carl Honore'.

To listen to the pod cast, click here.

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