Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Tech Divide in Schools?

This article, from today's Dominion Post, investigates the impact and value of technology in schools.  The article starts:

'Education historians want teachers to question whether iPads and tablets are the way of the future for today's schools - but they don't wish for learners to live in the past. 

Professors Howard and Gregory Lee, education historians at Massey and Canterbury universities respectively, are calling on their fellow educators to ingest a grain of salt with suggestions that e-learning will enhance education quality'. 

My view is that when there is a considered plan and strategy for the implementation and use of technology in schools, the likes of iPads, tablets, netbooks and Google Apps for schools are extremely powerful and beneficial tools. 

Another point to consider is the reducing cost of technology; a $300 mini laptop or a $500 tablet is able to do more than what a $2500 desktop could do only a few years ago.  Additionally, there is a wealth of free resources to use in the world of technology, Google Apps for Schools being a prime example.

To read the Dominion Post article in full, click here.

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