Friday, July 20, 2012

Another school makes BYOD compulsary

This article re students bringing their own computer device appeared on the Stuff website today.  One of the options given for a BYOD is an iPad.  If, as the article states, an iPad is an option, then why not also include the significantly cheaper iPod Touch.

The article states that the iPad, and by extension the iPod Touch, does not support some teaching tools.  I believe that the school needs to do what it wants it's students to do and think more creatively.  An iPod touch is a still camera, video camera, voice recorded, a means of accessing and using a huge number of superb learning apps, and so much more.

One of the shortcomings often pointed out in regards to smaller devices is that they don't have a keyboard.  This is old fashioned thinking; kids are great at typing using their thumbs on smaller devices.  We see this every day with the typing of texts messages.

A further advantage of the iPod Touch is the fact that through an Apple TV and a large screen, students can immediately share what is on their devices with the class.  For the price of an interactive whiteboard (almost certainly funded by the school), every student could be given an iPod Touch, the teacher an iPad, and an Apple TV and large screen could be installed.

Hmmm ... time for some schools to do some creative thinking!

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