Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making the most of sleep cycles to improve student learning

This presentation from the Brain Rules website highlights the need to change the school hours to meet the physical learning needs of students.  Perhaps we could start the day at 8.00am and finish at 2.00pm.  Alternatively, set aside a time to nap in the afternoon.  The benefits of doing this are emphasized by this fact from the Brain Rules website:
  • Taking a nap might make you more productive. In one study, a 26-minute nap improved NASA pilots’ performance by 34 percent. 
Instead of writing off afternoons as a time in which students aren't at their best for learning in the core curriculum areas, maybe we could get that 26 minute nap in and have our students increase their learning and productivity by 34%.  If it's good enough for NASA, it should be good enough for the local primary school.

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