Friday, July 29, 2011

How to remember something - or make someone else remember

Brain Rule number five focuses on short term memory.  A key point that is highlighted in this rule is the necessity to ensure that you understand the meaning of what you are trying to learn.  As teachers, this obviously means that we need to ensure that students understand the meaning of the content covered, otherwise it simply becomes a case of trying to remember the shape of letters or numbers in, for example, a word or number problem. 

John Medina, author of Brain Rules, explains it as follows:

'If you don't know what the learning means, don't try to memorize the information by rote and pray the meaning will somehow reveal itself.  And don't expect your students will do this either, especially if you have done an inadequate job of explaining things.  This is like looking at the number of diagonal lines in a word and attempting to use this strategy to remember the words.'

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