Friday, April 29, 2011

Schools embrace Facebook

Have a read of this article from the Sydney Morning Herald regarding Australian school teachers being given access to Facebook.

I'm surprised that this wasn't already the case, as Lakeview School has been using Facebook for some time.
We initially had a 'Latest News' blog, but replaced it with a Facebook page at the beginning of last year, and have since found it an excellent means for sharing the latest happenings at our school.

Aust teachers to embrace Facebook
10:10 AM Friday Apr 29, 2011

Teachers in Australia have been granted permission to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media in the classroom, the Sydney Morning Herald reported today.

Students are still blocked, however.

The former Labor government decided teachers should be able to access social media, because of the benefits it would bring.

A Department of Education spokeswoman said the change would help improve communication between schools and their communities.

It would also give staff a "greater understanding of technology being used by students".

A spokesman for the Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, told SMH the change would also help teachers combat cyber bullying.

Teachers have also been given ample warning about the dangers inherent in "friending" students.

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