Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Google Docs on the Ipad

Last week I enjoyed working with an ICT specialist for the day. We spent some time looking at an Ipad. I was really impressed with what this device can offer as an educational learning tool.

I really like the way in which the apps are so easy to access once they have been uploaded from the Apple Itunes Apps store (In itself a very simple and easy process). You aren't reliant on the speed of your wireless Internet connection, as you are when using learning websites on a mini laptop. It's simply a case of turning on the machine and touching the app icon and you're away. How very simple for students at all levels of a primary school!

The one issue I had with the Ipad was that Google Docs could only be viewed and not edited. As we are a school that has chosen to focus on Google Docs this was a significant barrier to us choosing to go the Ipad way for our mobile technology. However, that very evening Innes (the abovementioned ICT specialist) sent me this link 'Editing your Google Docs on the go'. Google Docs can now be edited on an Ipad! (and other mobile devices).

I am now almost convinced that the Ipad is the perfect ICT learning tool for schools.

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