Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flip Video and Imovie - Intuitive Products!

I love intuitive product that can be used at school to enhance learning and engage students.   Two such products are Imovie and Flip video cameras.  For some time now I have been planning to learn how to film and edit a movie, yet had never gotten around to it because it always seemed too difficult.  However, recently our school bought a Flip video camera.  Yesterday I took my dog for a walk and got my six year old daughter to come along and film our walk together on the Flip (it took me about 60 seconds to show her how to use it).  When we got home we uploaded the video footage and set about creating a simple movie on Imovie, which included scene changes, music and sound effects, a title, and a credit sequence at the end.

All this may seem very simple to many of you out there who happen to read this post; but to a lot of us who have limited technical knowledge, it is very exciting to see what can be achieved with some relatively inexpensive equipment.

I decided today that I would show my eight year old daughter how to create, edit and publish her own movie.  I spent about 15 minutes showing her what to do, then set her and her friend loose with the camera as we went on a walk to buy ice creams.  It's all very well saying what I managed to do in creating my movie; I'm a postgraduate qualified teacher.  What is far more impressive is what a couple of eight year olds can achieve.

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